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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Sopranos Series Finale Spoilers

I have to admit a secret passion of mine -- The Sopranos. It is the only show (or film) with a pervasive amount of violence and cursing that I can abide.
I did not get hooked on the show from the outset. In fact, I only began watching it last season after purchasing and watching all the previous seasons' episodes.
What draws me to it? I love the whole idea of being immersed in a sort of culture - in this case - "being Italian." All this said, people are trying to figure out what will happen on the last two episodes of The Sopranos. Here are my predictions based upon reading many interviews with characters, suppositions of other bloggers, and having watched all the episodes recently:

- In the previews, Sil refers to someone "turning." I do not believe this is "turning" to the Feds. I think it is a NJ guy talking to the NY group. This would be Paulie. He already set the stage talking to Johnny Sack. Paulie may die next week. It will be a real gangstyle killing too befitting of a true wiseguy.

- I believe that Meadow will be killed in the next episode. Perhaps she'll be driving Tony's car since she was rearended last night? The NY mob will spot Tony's car and think they are assassinating HIM and actually kill Meadow instead. Meadow's death will be the perfect impetus to set off the gang war and perfect irony. She symbolises everything good and pure in the mob families. The only one who is not guilty of anything; the one who has sincerely value in society. Now she's dead -- and -- after being disrespected by the NY wiseguy with no teeth.

- Something is up with the FBI agent with the parasite. I can't figure that part out. Something is eating away at him literally and figuratively. I'm not sure exactly how this figures into everything - at least yet.

- Leaks from the set say that the final scene occurs at Satriale's. It was a closed set that day with Tony being there. I can't think that the gang war will happen there if it was a closed set. Someone would have talked by now if all the "guys" were there. I personally think that the "war" will happen at Tony's house.

- Rumours abound that Adriana is not dead. I think that's crap. Sil did not botch that job. Unless HE'S the one ratting to the FBI and lets her go? Maybe that's a possibility but I so doubt it.

- One thing's for sure - when the dust settles, Phil and all his guys will be dead as will Tony, Sil, Bobby, Janice, Meadow, Paulie. Junior will hear of it all and off himself in the nursing home. Anthony Jr. will be left - a pathetic symbol of what Tony would have become had he not chosen a life of crime. Tony was doomed either way.

Those are my predictions!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Calling all MOMs! Happy Mother's Day!
I'm on good terms with my mom right now. She really came through for me this past week. My dad did too. Bless all of you. Do me a favor? Could you say a special prayer for Miss Belle and Master Walt? They both have big weeks coming up and could use all the help they could get.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm OK......just busy

Hi y'all! Thanks for checking in on me. I actually was a bit "down"....maybe more than a bit. I settled into a funk. Even a little frightening. I decided to talk to someone. She told me to "switch things up a little." She said working from home sometimes can induce a little depression. So, I devoted myself to my Girl Scouts. And I'm doing some volunteer work for a school close by. It was just the trick to shake off the blues. My work was a bit in a lull as well. We've got some exciting things brewing with my customer...we'll see I guess. I also changed out my everyday china. Pieces had broken here and there and finally I found it was interesting to seat even six people with the same stuff. So, I just changed patterns -- actually to one I'd always wanted. Take care. I'm going to get regular here. No jokes please.....LOL.

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