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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Green Eyed Girl

Hi y'all. Check out this blog. I love it!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ok, now I'm talking to my friends. And they are astounded. Me, the ultimate cheery "woman who does and manages it all" is foilable. Yep, she's crumbling. Today I managed to write three checks that did not total $100 but needed to be mailed. I got it done. It was like an ant moving a mountain. Why couldn't I do it? No energy. I had time. I had the checks, stamps, money. Today I gripped my upper arm and grimaced -- it hurt! I looked and realized that it was bruised. Apparently now, I am gripping on a regular basis -- so much that I am bruising myself. The only thing I am maintaining right now is work and my mani/pedicure appointments. Why the latter - I don't know except I think she needs the money. I wish I could say that looking at my gorgeous nails makes me feel better. I need to exercise but I have no energy. I need to cook again but I have no energy. I need to see a movie but I have no energy. What's happening to me?


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