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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Hi y'all. I've been gone almost a whole month. I really didn't intend on it; it just happened. August up to now has been a rough time. Suffice it to say that health scares, deaths, car accidents and tragedies have been the themes for these three months. As you may have read, I've been struggling to find peace. I am still having my ups and downs (like everyone else) and my depression has been stalking me. I've tried running away from it with trips, shopping, but it hasn't really budged. I wonder? Have I had this all my life and I didn't know it? Was all that anxiety really depression? The worst part about depression is that I've been feeling extraordinarily lonely. I finally confessed to two of my friends. We're supposed to have lunch. Yeah. Lunch. When I have the energy. It's a start. It's a start.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Peek a Boo!

Peek a Boo! I had enough of those headaches. I called my travel agent and booked a trip to get away. London, Paris, Milan, Rome.......all through Europe. I had not done that, and I really needed it. Being poor before, I had only been to Mexico and Jamaica. All that history was amazing. Some places weren't so great to be American. Boy, when people tell you that we aren't popular, they are RIGHT! Having the appropriate money straightened those Europeans right up though. I didn't take any crap. But I didn't stir any up either. It was fun to get away and relax. And my headache is finally gone! How have YOU been?

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