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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Uh huh. I was giggly yesterday. I got my nails done so I felt ever so much better. I was feeling SO GOOD that I took off for a little jog forgetting about my foot! That was NOT SMART. My foot started swelling and aching. I'm an idiot. Thank heavens it feels better today. Old Baldy asked me who I am for in the NCAA Tournament. Um.....Chris, Kelly or Katherine. No wait, (giggling), that's American Idol. I'm for Georgetown or Bradley. I'm a sucker for underdogs. Georgetown mainly because I SHOULD have gone there for college. I let family keep me from doing it. There's a lesson for you -- you can be TOO obedient. You can be TOO GOOD a kid. Go Georgetown!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can all use some giggling - better yet some outright laughter - in times like these. Humor does help - frowning, mad, grouchy - all of that just makes us feel worse and according to what I read also can make us sick. So keep up the giggling WFW - be happy, be upbeat and may Georgetown win! (A smiling) Old Baldy

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