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Saturday, May 20, 2006


I awoke this morning feeling braver. Today, I thought, I'll be able to think of him and not cry. Today, I will remember how ill he was and not be sad. Today, I will be just joyous for having him. All it took was seeing his medicine on the window sill and his dog bowl to make me break down again. I made to MAKE myself do errands. I can barely concentrate on TV or books or anything I typically enjoy. I keep thinking.......I'll never touch him again. I'll never hug him again. I'll never see that unconditional smile again. My heart is simply broken.



Blogger David said...

I have no words

1:55 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Sweetie, Hang in there.
He was so lucky to have you!
Put his things in a cabinet so you still have them but don't have to see them if you don't want to.
It will get easier, I promise!

2:01 AM  
Blogger ardi k said...

We are all luckey to have good friends, human and animal. Love realized is like money in the bank--even after it ceases on one level, still it draws interest. We miss the presence, but its blessing continues. Be strong, my friend, and remember.

11:20 PM  
Blogger purple_kangaroo said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

4:40 AM  

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