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Friday, April 07, 2006

Car Update

Hey y'all. Because I have received lots of emails querying me about the accident, here is a short update. I talked to my insurance company at length. They have ASSURED me that the adjusters will be able to tell if there was prior damage to the car I allegedly bumped. I also took pictures of my car showing no damage. It turns out that the woman driving the car was Bruno's mother (allegedly). The woman was driving "the uncle's" car. An adjuster is going to look at the damage. I have not talked to anyone except my insurance company. I have to say that I smell a rat. I'll keep you posted. I'm not worrying about this for now. Not too much. Thanks for the advice, concern and hugs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Adjusters are much attuned to auto accident scrams. Let them do the work - that's why you have insurance. Old Baldy

1:04 PM  
Blogger momzilla said...

Like Old Baldy said, the insurance knows what they are doing and if they smell a rat, the proper athorities will be notified...

10:21 PM  

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