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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Attempt at a Little "One UpWFWomanship"

OK, I hope I don't tarnish my halo (if I have one) with this entry. I have a close male friend at work who has a very talented significant other. She's ......... artistic. The ONE thing I am NOT. She sounds like woman of the year with her decorations and not only that -- she's EARLY with every darned holiday. Now, being competitive of spirit (just a tad), I feel grossly inadequate. So this year, I thought now I don't HAVE to feel inadequate. I'll just get some HELP. So, I have a friend newly in the design business, and HE (me helping a little) went mad decorating my house! It is/was a true Halloween house but I didn't scare a single little person. (I swear Snake....I didn't.)

Anyway, he put webbing all in my shrubbery with spiders -- little ones and big ones! I had ghosts hanging from all the branches in the trees and my driveway and sidewalk were lined with SAFE candle holders and candles. I had Halloween music that wasn't too SCREAMY but it was funny!

We offered all kinds of drinks loaded in HUGE black plastic cauldrons packed with ice. (Kids get thirsty running all around.) I had about five big baskets -- three FULL of the best candy -- all chocolate! And one with some diabetic candy and one with some NON chocolate candy. I was dressed as a friendly witch - of course! Complete with great witch shoes, gold buckles.

The final coup d'etat was a special basket with tiny canvas bags and orange and black ribbon tied tightly. They could not open it until they got home. When they got home, they would have a treat, because I put ten dollar gold coins (the ones with the Statue of Liberty) in them!

I wonder what they thought when they got home! It was fun imagining it!


Blogger Lauri said...

I wish you lived on my block, I would have dressed up and headed to your house for the loot!

That sounds like so much fun - it sounds like you had the best Halloween!

I just hope the parents don't come back, asking for more. :)

9:03 AM  
Blogger David said...

lauri, covered two of my thoughts, I would only add that you are having fun and doing something nice, I trust you will have only good results. does the decorator come and take all the webs away?
I am a bit sore today from firewood cutting and stacking, I wish there was Ben-Gay in my trick or treat bag.

10:52 AM  
Blogger David said...

i posted some new photos on my pic blog

please drop by

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lauri, I can tell you would be a fun neighbor. I had a fantastic Halloween! David, the decorator comes back today while I am at work. He is packing everything away and then he is decorating for Thanksgiving!!!! YAY!!!! I'll be by to see those pics!

12:19 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Wish you had photos of the decor, and wish I lived on your block! LOL

1:34 AM  
Blogger Flubberwinkle said...

Oooh... I can't wait to find out what you have planned for Christmas!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Let the decorating competition commence!

5:19 AM  

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