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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Going En Pointe and Girl Scouts

After writing about my "boy" Walt, I have to write about another watershed event that happened this week. (Which is most likely why I am lazing about this weekend) Did I mention that I have been serving off and on for a few years as a Girl Scout Leader? You realize of course that you don't HAVE to be a mother to be a leader. The Girl Scouts are so desperate for decent women to lead that they will accept women's references who check out (like mine) who can't and won't camp. Yes, yes, I know. It is probably un-American. I hate camping. Plus I am put-together things challenged. I volunteered under the condition that I ended up with a non tomboy, camping out hating bunch of Daisies/Brownies/Girl Scouts. Well......hooah......there was such a troop.

I've watched my girls grow through the ranks learning culture, sleepovers (in a Winnebago-ish setting), cooking, community service, etc. All of my girls are darling, but there is a pretty special one - Belle. She is the same age as the rest of the girls - yet very innocent, sweet and joyful. She has attached herself to me like a sweet piece of saltwater taffy.

Turns out Miss Belle's first love is the ballet. She's been taking ballet since she was 4 and now she's 12. She works very very hard. Unfortunately, I don't know much about ballet at all and even the French I remember from high school and college flies out the window when she talks about positions.

At any rate, she saw me this week and showed me a special letter from the head of her ballet school. She was "advanced" and invited to go "en pointe"( i.e. dance on toe shoes). She was quite exhilarated. She was a bit down because her mother works quite alot and she wanted to get her shoes. She asked me if I might be able to take her. I checked with her mom, said I'd take pictures, and so I picked her up Friday after school and off we went in search of the perfect fit. I was quite nervous. Thank God the ballet place they sent us had experts. They warned me that it might take an hour to find the right shoes. I've never seen so many shoes that looked so different and yet were the same color and the same thing! I took pictures of her standing in assorted shoes. I was a tiny bit ......distracted.....until I looked up into her eyes as she went up in THE shoes....right on her toes. Her face was awash in total joy. She was beaming. I think I captured it with my camera but it was like something from a movie. It was almost as though light was emanating around and through her. We got her shoes and all the necessary things to go with was a windfall for me to get to be there on her special day.



Blogger Ruvym said...

For one day I had the desire to become a Big Brother but never went through with it because I was afraid of what sort of commitment they would expect and that I wouldn't be able to click with the kid I got. The fact that you got a troupe that fits your preferences is a lucky thing. Either way I'm inspired to "get more involved" when I have a chance to. I still worry that kids don't like me. For instance, a Rabbi I know has two younger daughters that are always around for Friday services and I think they hate me. Whenever I try speaking with them they just say something rude and then turn around and run away. I can't figure out if it's particularly these kids of all kids that do that. I think the issue is that I treat them like adults, and try to be serious with them. I'm totally incapable of "lowering myself" to some other level. And forget about babies; I could never do any baby talk unless maybe it was my kid. The only way I know I have some capacity for that is that occassionally, I'll say random cutesy things to my dog and cat when I go home. Don't tell anyone I admit that though.

1:24 AM  
Blogger 4evergapeach said...

I think that is a wonderful thing that you are doing, to volunteer your time to these girls! I myself was a campfire girl and a den mother for a number of years for my sons cub scout troup. Unlike you I LOVE to camp and went on many camping trips. Even one with a broken foot and my purple cast!

I never could figure out how those girls get up on their tippy toes like that! I tried it once and about broke my foot! (no that's not how I did it re: the above note...LOL)

6:25 AM  
Blogger David said...

COOL story - a feel good story. YEAH.

Why do you have to be a camper to lead young men and women in the scouts programs. There are those of us who do not like to camp - oh the horror stories I could tell.

Good on ya!

7:18 AM  
Blogger phoenix said...

I admire you in the fact that you take the time out from your life to help these kids. I could picture in my mind the radience that came off her through your words. :)

8:26 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

that is really great that you take the time to make such a difference in those girl's lives - it takes a special kind of person to do that... :-)

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Snake said...

My daughter just started Girl Scouts (or Brownies) this month but they haven't asked me to become a den mother yet.

3:55 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

How wonderful that you were the one to help her achieve that joy! You were lucky, WW.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ruvym, don't give up! I was a Big Sister in college and it was very rewarding. The J Achievement and Girl Scouts have been too! 4ever, I am with you - those pointe shoes defy gravity! David, thanks for affirming my "no camping" stance and liking my story. Phoenix, I'm glad you could "see" her radiance. I was afraid I couldn't capture it. Laurie, thanks! I feel like the lucky, blessed one in so many ways! Snake, I think you'd be a great "den mother." I have daddies who participate! Kenju, you're correct; I was/am lucky.

7:41 AM  
Blogger mothergoosemouse said...

Wow - that is so cool that you are a troop leader! That is such a huge commitment, especially when you don't have your own little girl in the troop to keep you involved.

And how fantastic that you took Belle to get her toe shoes. What fun for you both.

I hate camping too, but I actually enjoyed Girl Scout camp when I was a kid. Latrines and all.

9:41 PM  

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