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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Men who cook............Homemade Granola......YUM

Here's one of my inspirations. One of my favorite shows has become Bravo's Top Chef. Here's my favorite chef - Sam.

Here's his bio:

Sam is handsome and charming and is sure to make temperatures rise in the kitchen. After being voted one of the ten sexiest chefs in New York, Sam is ready to be known for his culinary skills and not just his good looks. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sam incorporates his southern charm and love of food into all of his dishes as executive chef in New York City.

This self-described "arrogant" chef likes the finer things in life and has no problem saying he is like a girl when it comes to shopping and grooming himself. Although people will automatically notice his handsome appearance, few know that he has also been a diabetic since he was a teenager and has to wear an insulin pump attached to his leg. Sam forges ahead and is sure to surprise the viewers on this season of "Top Chef."

WELL......Sam has INSPIRED me. I'm busy baking homemade granola right NOW as I wait for it to brown at this very minute. By the way, men who COOK are SEXY.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well there you have it in a nut shell ,I finally have some recognition.I have one redeeming quality I can cook.The secret of an Omelet is Basil ,Dill and Marjoram.
I'm not good at fish but I also am good at roast beef dinners....
Hey I'm quite a catch!

6:12 PM  
Blogger steelcowboy said...

I cook. Well, bake. Some ;)

7:07 AM  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

My family often calls me the Cast Iron Chef. I pretty much prefer cooking with cast iron to any other thing. My wife once said, "You are the only man alive who bakes cake in a skillet." She may be right.

Drew is sandbagging. He has posted recipes in the past. He cooks. Most of the bikers I know cook too.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey WFW: this posting was right up my alley. I love to cook! Tell bigwhitehat that my mom use to bake peach upside cake in the oven in a big iron skillet. I also like to use iron. I guess the best skillet I ever had was a little (about 7 inch) iron skillet. It was well seasoned (dark heavy black) with no rust on it. Real easy to clean - just some hot sudsy water and it would clean right up. The secret to iron pots is seasoning them so they get nice and black.

I like the herbs that Anonymous uses in omelets but I also like a couple of tablespoons of rosemary. I have a large rosemary plant (about 3 years old) on my patio (along with basil, thyme, oregano, chives and one other herb - can't remember the name).

As I've mentioned in the past, in my teenage life I was a fry cook at a summer resort and man I loved it (or was it the teenage waitresses working there?)

Anywho all this writing about food has made me hungry - I think I'll go fix myself a six-egg omelet (sounds just like an organic chicken farmer - don't it?)

I sure wish you could send me some of that granola - I'd feed it to my chickens - ha ha! Old Baldy

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey WFW: I jus' remembered the name of the other herb - pineapple sage (has real pretty red flowers and very fragrant). I like to eat a leaf now and then jus' for the heck of it. I bought it about three years ago - jus' a little fella about three inches tall. Now the son of a gun is about 16 inches tall and has blooms all over it. It blooms continually adding new leaves.

I'm still waitin' to get an invite for some of that granola (hope I didn't make you mad about feeding it to the chickens). I wouldn't do that. Got to scoot mamma is calling and think the rural letter carrier came. Old Baldy

12:35 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to add my name to the Omelet, It was just me George.Along with second childhood comes a touch of senility.Now where did i put the depends???

10:04 PM  
Blogger Kitty said...

W/W, I know ... you may not even remember me since it has been SO long (ha-ha) but I'm going back and catching up on your last -- omg -- is it six months already?

I hope all is well with you sweetie. I'll try to stop in more often. Take care and keep in touch. Have a GREAT weekend.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Hi ya WW!

Just wanted to say I'm back. Did I miss anything? Like you telling us about the windfall?

Take care...I'm off to READ...A LOT!

1:31 AM  

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