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Saturday, February 25, 2006


I'm just sitting here with my morning tea thinking about your replies to my post yesterday. So many of you had thoughts about what you would do if you came in a windfall. None of you said, "I think I'll lay around the house and eat bonbons." You had some idea of a different profession -- something that involved your interests, your passion. And even though I say TGIF and darn it's Monday -- still deep down -- I am doing MY work. My job/my profession offers me all the things I crave -- helping, servicing, creative thinking, multi-dimensional tasking, strategy, interaction with lots of people, problem solving, flexibility, event planning and on and on. It dawned on me that I haven't quit because I love what I do. If I didn't do anything, I might not be forced to "walk the the tightrope" like I had to do Monday. That brings me to YOU. What are you waiting for? A windfall? Because the odds against that ......well, they are high. You need to go out and make it happen for yourself. Set a plan. Want to teach? In companies I've worked for, they offer a "Transition to Teaching" program. They finance your schooling to obtain certification. Some school districts are so desperate for teachers that you can work as an assistant or substitute while they get to know you. That's a way in. Want to open a restaurant? Do you have the business "know how" to do it? Why not go work in a restaurant? Be a cook, a chef. Learn from someone else who is doing it. Cut corners elsewhere. Go make your dream come true.

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Blogger Grey Biker said...

I'm just looking forward to the day I can finally quit my job. I might be in the minority but if I got a windfall they would never see me again at my employer, that would be my official last working day. I would leave my profession and I would never work for anyone else ever again. I have plenty that would keep me busy on the mini farm just enjoying life cause its way to short to be working every day.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For sure, I would get out of the chicken business if I got a windfall. Of course, God has already given me the bestest windfall of all - my child and grandchildren. I get more joy from them then anyone has the right to expect. I would raise some hobby chicken and keep a few for personal eggs but believe me, raising chickens is a tough life. I need something to keep me occupied. I've tried about every job there is - painter, dish washer, cook, gas station attendant, store clerk, milk salesman, truck driver, loader and the list goes on and on. I have to admit though that I enjoy writing - I've been published several times and the royalties are o.k. but not enough to really live on. I guess a windfall would give me time to really write the books I would really like to do. And that is what Old Baldy would do with the windfall. Old Baldy

10:49 AM  
Blogger Hale McKay said...

Not many people, windfall or not, can honestly say hey love their jobs. It's refreshing to read that you do.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Cowboy Joe said...

That must be some pretty awesome job and you must really like doing what you do. Which is a nice place to be at in life.

re: business know how, I've had three of them and got tired of them, because they were there to pay the bills, not because they were a passion. I have the business know how and the skills to do what I want, I just don't want to do it for someone else.

Keep smilin' - keep lovin'

1:53 PM  
Blogger Cornbread said...

Windfall, I have found in life that it is just best to do whatever comes along for me. I have been thru a lot of schools and alot of jobs. I have had the rug snatched out from under me in life many times over. I find that I need employment for sustance to live on, but happiness is a choice for me. I know something will come along if I am motivated enough to look for it. Thats why it doesn't really bother me to be unemployed right now. I am qualified to be everything from a certified harley mechanic to a floral designer and alot in between. I just find those things no longer make me happy. I think you are on the right track keeping yourself busy at your job and challenged even if you don't have to be. It helps you be happy, which with money or not is the most important thing. Be thankfull you have that freedom.

If I had a windfall I would work when I wanted to for whoever I felt like working for. probably in a bar or motorcycle shop. I would invest money into making my club family happy with things like a clubhouse for our chapter here. I would spend a little on my self for somethings I want and need and I would save the rest and try and spend it wisely. I think sometimes doing smaller everyday charitable things are more apreciated than donating a large sum of money to some orginization. I would do what makes me feel blessed.

BTW can ol' Cornbread give ya a hug? Ahhhh, needed that!

2:37 PM  
Blogger ardi k said...

keeping life full
that's what we do if we don't want it done to us
currently working for a non-profit org is the best job I've ever had
doesn't pay a lot
but rewards are many
then so was throwing steel
when I was on a crew
removing a rail line
it's all in one's frame of mind
yours is great
thanks for your perspective

2:48 PM  
Blogger sophmom said...

I think my two kids in college would become very uneasy if I was to quit my job. I am hopeful that "The Matter About Which I Cannot Speak" will resolve in our favor and that, eventually, we'll be able to monetize the patents and that either of these events will enable me to leave the Knocking Shit Down Company and to write and make pots in my "retirement". Actually, the Husband With Whom I Have Completed The Residential Phase Of The Marriage is showing signs of (considering) working and that alone might enable me to at least consider other employment. I believe that with a moderate initial investment I can make as much making pots as I do where I am now, so maybe....

It's fun to think about. Ya gotta have a dream. *sigh*

5:05 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

I am already. :)

8:44 PM  

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