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Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Friday again!

Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America said, "Happy Friday." He went on to say that Happy Friday are two of the most redundant words in the English language. They are. I am so glad it's Friday, and I made it through this week!

Just a couple of things to update you on - the man I had to fire from my team this week did not lose his job. He is just off MY team and onto someone else's. And the senior lady I took dinner to? Well, she called me to thank me profusely and wanted to know where I had gotten her dinner because she bragged about it to her sister who wanted to get the same dinner. That was my blessing right there.

I am wearing this exact color right now although if this picture could talk, you would hear me croaking like a frog. I am awash in fluids.

Today is my payday from my "job." All the hard work that I did over the holidays - well, suffice it to say it paid off today. I knew it was coming. My attorney and accountant are a bit overwhelmed right now. Of course they love managing more money! I still am directionless as to what to do with my windfall. I seem to be splurging in small ways and donating in small ways as well. Maybe that's best?

This week when that group won the huge lottery, I shuddered when so many of them said they retired immediately. I still am so glad I did not do that. What do they plan on doing? All my friends basically still work. Do you tell people? (I haven't) And if you do tell, can you deal with wondering if your friends (especially new ones) like you for YOU or for the "rich" you? What about your family? Will they treat you differently when you are rich? Be nicer to you than they normally would be? Can you face the endless solicitations for money if you "come out?" And what about romantic relationships? How can you ever know for sure that someone loves you for YOU? OK, enough of that, as Scarlett said, "I'll think about that tommorrow." And today is FRIDAY, and that is GOOD ENOUGH for me!

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Blogger Cornbread said...

Happy Friday Windfall! I am glad friday is here myself, even if I ain't workin'. You know all I can say about managing the blessing and the curse of your windfall is this. You have to do what you know is right for you. I would imagine different people would go about it in different ways. Always remember to be wise and look to the future. As far as knowing if people like you for you or your money is something that will have to be found out overtime and sometimes with heartbreak. As long as you are a stronger and better person, maby a little wiser from dealing with it all, that is what really matters. Trust God and your own intuition. Don't be afraid to be skeptical, but never lose your passion. When you take a chance, make it a calculated chance and know the consiquinces. Love yourself first with reckless abandon. Then you will know how to love others.

Me personally, I think you are on the right track and going about things the right way so far. keep your head and things will work out. I don't know why it is in me to comment so much today, but it is what is in my heart to say. Don't know if it brings any comfort, but it's meant to. Take care!

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Sophmom said...

You're asking interesting questions, WW. I would not tell, whether the windfall came from something like winning a lottery, or as an inheritance or business related income (ie., selling our patents). The fact is, if they did know, you wouldn't ever be sure whether suitors or friends (or family?) were being nice because of the money or because of you. Of course, in the event that they were old relationships, you'd be able to watch for changes, but in new relationships, it would be hard to trust.

However, I would quit my job because I would much prefer to write and make pots and the world would be better served by my doing those things than it is by my managing the administrative end of the Knocking Shit Down Company!

10:36 AM  
Blogger Cowboy Joe said...

Happy Friday indeed. I love my Fridays, but especially the ones where I am with my children.

Now about those very interesting questions. I believe each of us makes the best decisions for ourselves. I think you are doing what is best for you. But I'm with Sophmom, I'd quit too. I would prefer to sit and finally have the peace and quiet and time to just write. I have two books partially written, plus a whole stack of poetry that I could clean up and send out to be published and then there's the whole building my own business as well. I used to have a property management business, but I wouldnt' do that, I'd finally open that little bistro/pub that I've always wanted to own. My kidlets and Shannon's all call me the Iron Chef of Maple Ridge because I cook so well. So that's my dream, to write during the early day, and cook all afternoon and evening.

Keep smilin - hugs, love and prayers.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well WFW here we go on that Friday thingy again. Fridays are like every other day to me and my chickens. They have to eat, lay eggs, drink and other things. And I have to uphold my end of the deal by checking on the feeders, waterers, collecting and grading the eggs and so on. Gotta go a big customer just drove up in the yard. You jus keep on doing what you are doing because it sure helps me make my day - all seven of them! Old Baldy

12:40 PM  
Blogger Stacy Dawn said...

Happy Happy Friday! The sun is shining and though there is supposed to be one heck of a snowfall coming tonight right now it is beeeeauteeful outside. What more could you want!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Lauri said...

WFW, you must have a job that brings you happiness and fulfillment...because I'd quit in a second. (Note to self...FIND job that brings you happiness and fulfillment.)

Otherwise, I love your last paragraph. Funny thing is...I'm not a pessimist at all, but I often have thought to myself, if I were to find out I was dying...the same exact questions. I just wouldn't want to be treated differently. I'd want no one to know.

Happy Friday.

12:54 PM  
Blogger ajhsdgjahs said...

I would quit what I am currently doing, and (are you ready for this) I would teach drama/chorus in high school! I would be tons happier doing this!!! And I would supply the school with all the musical instruments and music and build a better band room and a bigger stage and fund 4 musicals a year, each with guest directors from New York and...

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Snake (a Cambridge kind of guy) said...

Ah, those windfall dilemmas... Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to wrestle with them one day.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Flubberwinkle said...

Charlie was right "Happy Friday" are synonyms. You're better off wishing someone a "Happy Monday"!
The colour in the picture is fabulous and you must look absolutely gorgeous in it!
All your dilemmas regarding the windfall and how people will react to it (i.e. you) are very intense.

When we first met (online) 6 months ago I agreed with you to stay low, keep your anonymity and tread slowly with the windfall. You're doing nice things anonymously that mean a lot to different people. And that counts A LOT in my book. You're not hoarding your money or being stingy, you're just being careful. And I think you're doing good so far. I can understand your dilemma about relationships with other people, because the fact that you've kept your head doesn't mean that others will. Uncovering your windfall may bring unpleasant "changes" to those around you, who in turn may "bring you down" or even harm you. Money is greener than we think.

The job thing is another issue. If you are happy with what you're doing - although it sounds like you're under way too much stress - then so be it. Otherwise, you should seriously reconsider what you WANT to do as opposed to what you HAVE to do. Since money is not a problem then you should ponder over other factors: What am I giving back with this job? Am I happy? Am I making other people happy?
At the risk of sounding naive, I know that if you decide to change your job or not work at all, you might have to disclose the windfall.
Be well, (continue to)do good.

2:54 AM  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Say what you will. I would love to have some of your troubles. I think about the Rich me. It never includes retirement. But it often includes changing work. For me being "RICH" has less to do with money than it does turning my life's work into my day's work.

3:07 AM  
Blogger frustratedwriter said...

okay I was going to say that I would stay home and eat bonbons, but now that you have replied such an activity wouldn't be a good thing, then I'm changing my answer to...."Promoting World Peace." There, that should do it...

11:39 AM  
Blogger Monica said...

I'm catching up with your blog...getting a computer hopefully over the weekend so then I can comment more and not just from work on breaks and such.

I've hit the lottery in that I am so blessed to have my kids and the love of my life and my writing is getting noticed. I am also glad that you are among the blogosphere because we like you for you and if I never know who you are that is ok because I like that I can count you as a friend here and not have you wonder about the real reason people here like you which I can certainly understand. :)
As for the romantic interest? It's interesting you would ask that question...although not rich I would certainly have liked to have discussed that with you in a roundabout way. :)

Take care.

12:20 PM  

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