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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tom Cruise - A Windfall? HA!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.......hmmm. I think they feel they experienced a "windfall" with each other. Frankly, I don't think Tom Cruise is such a catch. I mean if and when he marries Katie, it will be his THIRD marriage. I would have a fit if my young daughter married a man that much older with that much "mileage" on him. I'll go one step further too.....What's with this having kids out of wedlock? I don't mean to sound judgmental but why not wait until you're actually married? I guess I'm dating myself here.

I'm so over the press coverage on these two -- especially Tom Cruise. I think his jumping on Oprah's sofa was stupid. I think his criticism of Brooke Shields' postpartum depression situation was uncalled for.

I think I'm going to boycott Tom Cruise stuff for awhile. I'm over him. I don't care how much money he has or how young his girlfriend is.



Blogger Lauri said...

I agree with you. I've not been impressed with Tom Cruise for the past year or so. He certainly is making a name for himself. :)

10:28 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

I agree also; he is passe and trying to resurrect his career.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Flubberwinkle said...

When I think Tom Cruise, my mind immediately switches to Nicole Kidman.
I feel she has been dignified and lady-like for the public, whereas Cruise has come off as a little boy showing off his new toys "Look, I'm with Penelope"... "Look, I got me a young'un, named Katie" (btw Katie looks more star struck than in love).
Kidman has expanded her career, made some really good movies since their split up, whereas Cruise is... I dunno... "losing it" sounds a bit harsh but the only thing tha comes to mind.

3:53 AM  
Blogger mothergoosemouse said...

I feel very sad for that baby. Just like with Michael Jackson and his kids - I think Tom Cruise is a nitwit (as is MJ), but what really upsets me is that they are/will be parents, responsible for the well-being of a helpless newborn, and I'm not even convinced that they can take care of themselves.

12:05 AM  

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