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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The First Day

It has taken six months to arrange my life after what I refer to as "The Windfall." Accountants, attorneys, IRS, etc. now all settled. Amazingly enough, I did not quit my job as soon as I found out about it. After spending some years in the corporate rat race, I am going to savour my separation from it. I have managed to keep "the windfall" under wraps. That was one of the conditions of employing the aforementioned accountants, attorneys....I did not want people knowing my business. I also did not want the inevitable hounding by "organizations" either. I prefer to see how my family, friends and affiliates will react on a more gradual basis. That is why I am chronicling my "new life" in this blog. I hope some of you out there reading will enjoy it -- at least vicariously. Life is truly good.


Blogger Dean said...

I would think the less you say about the windfall, the better. Let people know you for the woman you are (and it is good to see the are very attractive). You sound like a young woman with very sensible ideas, and I am pleased to have made your acquaintance. You have mentioned your enjoyment of poetry to me. Why not write some?

3:26 PM  
Blogger David said...

I had to go back to the beginning, and see what the story is, I write a poem or two, and pull readers in for fun. I spend time reading like minded blogs, and enjoy the people I meet here. I cook plum jam, and am considering Homeschooling my 14 year old daughter who plays violin, and is my heart.
Bless you

12:16 PM  
Blogger David said...

since dean commented on the pic, I have a question. and I posted it way back here for some privacy, you may answer here or by email.
You say you are a brittany Murphy looka like, did you post her picture or yours, and how would we know?
In my opinion (IMO) its better if your blog uses a pic that is not yours, since it may give you away to a fortune seeker, who could whine and dhine you and "pretend" not to know about the blog, and be planning some hostile or friendly takeover of your heart ( anna nicole smith comes to mind) Just wondering on a gray monday.

10:13 AM  

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