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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am at my office today. I bet you are wondering why I am still working. Well, I have not made up my mind about how I am going to handle my benefits yet. They are expensive. Besides, I am not too taxed right now. Why not continue to pull down my six figure salary with benefits included while I still can?

Work is fun when you realize you can just walk out of there any day you want. There is real freedom in feeling like you can say screw it. Today, I virtually was asleep with my eyes open during my weekly meeting. It is time to start planning lunch after the meeting. I have some girlfriends who are having lunch together today. I could join them.

There is a woman at my office that no one likes. Everyone tiptoes past her desk and whispers where we will meet for lunch so she will not hear where we are going. She just was promoted. That is not why we don't like her. She is very abrasive and self focused. I can’t wait to watch her throw her weight around as she is drunk with her new power. She will feel like fainting when she finds about about “the fall.” It makes me laugh to think of it.


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